Siemens, 110 years
creating innovations with Brazil.

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Siemens executes its first project on Brazilian soil: construction of Brazil’s first telegraph line between emperor D. Pedro II’s residence in Rio de Janeiro and the city of Rio Grande (RS), an important step for approximating the country’s different regions.


Siemens participates in another pioneer initiative in the country and installs the first underwater cable in South America. Extending 2,500 km, the cable connected Rio de Janeiro with the Chuí River in your wife, creating unprecedented connections.


Siemens installs Brazil’s first steam power plant, helping modernize 19th-century infrastructure.


The country’s first electric trolley begins operating in Salvador (BA), in a project that included Siemens’ participation.


Siemens helps found the Rio de Janeiro Telephone Company and installs the first telephone office in the country’s capital with 8,000 lines, helping improve communications in the country.


Cia. Brazileira de Electricidade Siemens-Schuckertwerke is founded in Rio de Janeiro, becoming the first electric-electronics multinational in the country.


Siemens installed the first diesel-electric unit at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro.


Siemens installs Latin America’s first automatic telephone exchange in Porto Alegre (RS), and the third in the Americas (after New York and Chicago).


Siemens installs Brazil’s first transformer plant, in São Paulo (SP).


Siemens produces the first Brazilian x-ray machine, in collaboration with Dr. Manuel de Abreu, inventor of the abreugraph, contributing to the healthcare of thousands of Brazilians.


Brazil’s first steam turbine produced by Siemens begins operating. This same year, the company inaugurates another plant in São Paulo.


Siemens begins operating its new transformer plant in Jundiaí (SP), which went on to become Latin America’s biggest transformer plant up to 400kVA, in 1975.


Siemens inaugurates its new transformer plant in Jundiaí (SP).


Siemens installs the country’s first CT scan. This same year, the company inaugurates its current headquarters, at the Anhanguera site.


Siemens installs the first of 18 generator rotors at the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant. This same year, the company starts up another plant, in Manaus (AM), contributing to the economic development of northern Brazil.


Siemens becomes the first company in Brazil to receive ISO 9000 certification, leveraging the pursuit of quality in the market.


In São José dos Pinhais (PR), Siemens participates in the final assembly of Volkswagen-Audi’s first plant, being responsible for planning, implementing and optimizing the operation’s entire infrastructure and systems.


Siemens celebrates 100th anniversary in Brazil.


Siemens inaugurates in Jundiaí (SP), the largest integrated energy equipment plant in South America.


Siemens inaugurate in Joinville (SC) its diagnostic imaging equipment plant.


The first wind farms using Siemens solutions are installed in the dunes of Ceará state, providing clean and renewable energy to roughly 300 thousand homes.


Siemens inaugurates its 7th R&D center: global competence center in softwares for detecting non-technical energy losses.

What matters to Brazil, matters to Siemens.

110 years went by very quickly, but our history in Brazil is only beginning. Our objective is to continue growing together with the country and, therefore, we will always be at its side helping face the biggest challenges and present the best innovations. After all, what matters to Brazil, matters to Siemens.

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